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Leicester Partnership Information Group

The Leicester Partnership Information Group (LPIG) was established by the Leicester Partnership as a means of coordinating effort between organisations as a means of developing the Partnership’s evidence base. LPIGs aims are as follows:


To provide a forum for organisations to share experience and where possible resources regarding data management for maximum advantage and cross agency efficiencies.
To ensure that there is high quality baseline information to inform the identification of agreed priorities.
To identify and address gaps in existing baseline information.
To make information widely available to organisations and citizens in Leicester where possible, with due regard to Data Protection and other relevant legislation and policies.
To make recommendations relating to the management and sharing of information relevant to the above purpose in Leicester City to the Leicester Partnership.

LPIG draws upon a wide membership, including all the main statutory agencies, and is open to any member of the Leicester Partnership. It is chaired by the Acting Head of Public Health for Leicester City West PCT and Eastern Leicester PCT, and is supported by Public Health Partnerships, with strong and effective links to the Leicester Partnership staff team.

For further information or terms of reference, please see the Annual Report.

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Updated May 2007

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