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Skills And Knowledge


Local Strategic Partnerships are expected to develop and implement a Local Action on Learning Plan which is an important part of the development and delivery of the work programme of the Partnership.

Leicester's Local Action on Learning Plan

The Skills and Knowledge Group formulated Leicester’s response to the challenge of the Learning Curve, and developed a Local Action on Learning Plan to implement the recommendations on a district and neighbourhood level.

The Plan also directs and co-ordinates efforts by local partners to deliver a series of related activities in a co-ordinated manner, taking into account the overlapping strategic objectives of all the partner organisations involved in the Leicester Partnership.

It is anticipated that some actions may overlap and that the learning outcomes will be refined and revised, based on information collected from learning needs audits and from regular reviews of provision and feedback gathered from participants. Details for these review and feedback processes will be developed using the Performance Management Framework and fed into the Improvement Plan.


To develop effective neighbourhood renewal activities (e.g. managing budgets for community organisations, chairing meetings and organising activities within the community) through the improvement of knowledge, skills and capacity of individuals and organisations involved.


To establish a framework which will enable the development of local skills and knowledge for effective neighbourhood renewal and which will further promote community cohesion in Leicester.

What do we want to achieve?

Who will benefit?

What does this mean for Leicester

Leicester’s Local Action on Learning Plan is intended to focus on ‘learning for renewal’ actions in Leicester, which are aimed at improving the skills and building the capacity of local people and organisations to enable them to become more involved in their own communities.

This Plan must link with the wide range of existing work already being done to develop the learning infrastructure, access and delivery of learning. In order to accomplish this, the Learning Partnership has established effective partnerships for jointly delivering local learning and development projects which serve local needs.

Learning Partnerships are responsible for providing the infrastructure for bringing together providers and to maximise the contribution of learning to local regeneration.

Leicestershire and Leicester City Learning Partnership (LLCLP) is the focus for collaborative delivery arrangements to influence and support the achievement of the strategic objectives of the local Learning and Skills Council, Leicester Shire Economic Partnership (LSEP) and increasingly the County and City Local Strategic Partnerships.

This plan does not propose resources be used to bring about the changes needed to support successful neighbourhood renewal as many actions are already in progress, through Regeneration East Midlands, Academy for Sustainable Communities, and from, a web based resource tool.

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Updated June 2007

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